Wednesday, 18 August 2010

made in the shade madness!

i heart...

the Made In The Shade ladies!

last weekend i had a crazy busy saturday. i had to get a bus from boat of garten to aviemore, to then get the bus from aviemore to glasgow, to then go & pack up the very last of my things from my old glasgow flat as well as scrub it clean, to then get the bus all the way back home again. phew!

but in amongst the mayhem i even managed to go visit the lovely ladies above and their new & improved maisonette, & by jove i'm glad i did. it looks awesome! see for yourselves...

& that's only a few snaps, so i suggest you go check out the magnificent maisonette (in the de courcys arcade, on creswell lane) for yourselves & bask in it's pretty products & homemade handicrafts.

now, i'm not the only one that's been a busy bee, these ladies have been too. not only have they been kitting out the maisonette with it's new look, they have organised the summertime hop! the last of it's kind before they move their events ship to their new barras centre space.

with 40 different vendors selling beautiful bits, (which you can have a gander at here) including some of my past favourite fridays - The Night Owl, as well as a wooden tree who will be hosting some public crafting, a Benefit beauty parlour, scrummy cake & vintage sushi - too right i'm getting the 3 hour bus all the way to glasgow & back again this saturday.

see you all there!


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