Friday, 31 December 2010

thank you & happy new year.

i heart...

new year.

so first of all a big...

from i heart...!
i hope you will be celebrating in style & aren't too fragile tomorrow!

september 2010 saw the birth of i heart... & i would like to say a few wee thank yous, if it wasn't for these  awesome people i heart... would still be a daydream in my head.

first of all, i would like to give a hugemongous thank you to all the people who have bought our handmade bits, come said hello at our stalls, attended our workshops & contributed to our projects. thank you, thank you, thank you.

secondly i would like to say thank you very much to Made In The Shade, The Life Craft, Dundee Jamboree, The Spider & The Fly, Tempt & Jolly Good Studio for hosting our workshops, organising crafty markets we've had stalls at & selling some of our wares. wishing all of you all the best for 2011!

a special thank you & well done goes to Olive Grove Records and their releases, Randolph's Leap & Esperi. can't wait to see/hear what you guys have in store for 2011.

and last but not least a wee thank you to my mum for teaching me all things crafty in the first place & to chris for putting up with me & all the random balls of wool, pieces of felt & thread that have taken over our house these last few months.

 2011 will see our new website, our new eco & fair-trade products which will both launch on 7th january, more workshops, projects & events. so bring it on!


Friday, 17 December 2010

meet & make.

i heart...

meet & make!

starting on the 30th january 2010, i heart... will be hosting a monthly craft meet up where i will teach you some new crafty skills, organise a project for you to work on & provide all the materials to get it all done. add some lovely people to meet, some drinks & plenty of chinwagging & you've got yourself...

if you would like any more information or would like to book your place then e-mail me on:


Thursday, 16 December 2010

new website

i heart...

that my new website is nearly finished.

i've been working on a new look website for the last couple of weeks, ready for our re-launch  in the new year. not only will it see our new logo, look & website, we'll have a whole host of new eco-friendly & fair-trade products too. so while i get them all ready our online shop will be closed i'm afraid, but keep your pennies saved for our bits made from fair-trade artesano yarn, eco-fi felt & 100% recycled card.

& seeing as i love you all so much, here's a wee sneak peek at the homepage of the new site...



Wednesday, 15 December 2010

workshops catch up.

i heart...

catching up!

and i've got lots of workshop-like catching up to do! first off, lets talk about the Starting From Stitch workshops i facilitated at Made In The Shade last month. i had an awesome time over the 4 meet ups, teaching some lovely ladies how to hand-sew, embroider & knit as well as having our fair share of blethering & stuffing ourselves with homemade treats! look...

and i was more than impressed with what the girls made with their new found crafty skills...

i'm in the midst of organising the next lot of Starting From Stitch workshops so if you're interested in taking part please e-mail me on 

now, for all you mums, dads, grannies, aunties... that just don't know what to get your little angel for xmas, why not get them something a bit different? like this block of craft workshops perhaps...
i will be facilitating a 6 week block of craft workshops for wee'yins, teaching them how to hand-sew, cross-stitch & knit. not only will they learn new skills, meet new friends & have a whole lot of fun, they will bring home lovely handmade presents for you! including hand-sewn decorations, knitted hairbands/bow ties, cross-stitch badges & a whole heap more.

to get more info or to book, e-mail the lovely Vonnie at The Life Craft on:


Monday, 13 December 2010

esperi release.

i heart...


what feels like many moons ago, i went to a wee gig at the captain's rest & stumbled across a supporting act which had me in a trance with it's stripped back organic-ness, uniquely paired with a smorgasbord of intriguing sounds & random instruments.  it was of course the lovely esperi.

back then i had no idea that Chris Lee-Marr (esperi's main man) would become one of my good friends & make me laugh at the most absurd things, including randomly acquired women's gold watches, paper pterodactyls & a whole heap more.

his latest release is Made For Life/Snowman, released through the wonderful Olive Grove Records & i'm very happy to be involved by making these felt snowman cd covers...

the cd is now available here, there are only 50 of them & are already selling worldwide, so get your ice skates on! 


Tuesday, 7 December 2010


i heart...

moving forward.

2010 has had it's ups & downs, certainly a lot more ups than last year did which is definitely a good thing. so to move even further onwards & upwards i heart... is making some new years resolutions.

first up, you may have noticed the new look blog. yup, we're having a wee bit of a make over which is hopefully a little more 'i heart...' & what we're all about. here's our brand spanking new logo...

what do you think?

hopefully our new look will represent our second change - we are turning into eco-heroes! come 2011 all our handmade bits will be made from felt made from 100% recycled materials, fair-trade wool which helps communities in peru, recycled/upcycled fabric & 100% recycled card. on top of all that, all of our packaging materials will be made from recycled paper & biodegradable plastic pouches. captain planet would be proud!

so to match all this up & make it look all nice, this month i will be fighting with my old friend html to make a swish new website which will look to make it a lot easier to navigate & look pretty :)

bring on 2011!


Saturday, 4 December 2010

spreading some xmas cheer!

i heart...


so to cheer you lot up & stop you heading out in the wintery weather, here's a discount to get 10% off everything in my online shop!

just head to, pick out some handmade xmas pressies (or treat yourself), then at the check out enter xmascheer as a discount code & tadaaa, 10% off all your purchases :) so make yourself a cup of tea, curl up in your duvet & get your xmas shopping done from the comfort of your cosy couch.

the discount is valid throughout december & to make sure your handmade gifts get to you in time for xmas, be sure to order before the 20th december.

happy shopping!


Friday, 3 December 2010

have a Jolly Good xmas.

i heart...

Jolly Good.

i first started talking to the lovely Helen Macdonald - the crafty maker behind Jolly Good - when she submitted a piece for our first zine, 'i heart...zines' (there's still a few left which you can get here.) since then i have met Helen in person at Dundee Jamboree where we both had a stall, bought one of her awesome necklaces & she's included in our upcoming zine, 'i favourite place' (more info here) too! so i am delighted to have some of my bits on sale at the Jolly Good Xmas Pop-up Shop...

if you can brave the snow, make sure you pop in for a gander, she has a whole host of crafty wares ideal for xmas pressies. have a look...

i'm going to have to start a spot fritz the fox competition i think! can you spy him?