Sunday, 22 August 2010

first family dinner.

i heart...

family dinners.

last week i hosted my debut family dinner & felt like a proper grown up, so i really wanted to satisfy the empty tummies of my mum, brother & christopher.

although i'm very much a sweet tooth kind of girl, i've never really attempted cooking desserts apart from the odd sponge cake here & there (and that was only really so i could eat the icing!) so i thought i'd give it a go with some lemon cheesecake & berry sorbet.

i followed the recipe for the berry sorbet but it went a bit chebs up to say the least. however, after deciding to completely ignore the recipe & add some more sugar & an extra egg white i was back in business.

i'd always thought cheesecake would be quite complicated to make - wrong! it's so simple & amazingly scrumptious. 

by the 'mmm's & polished off plates, i'm hoping that my family agreed.

lemon cheesecake recipe



step 1.
crush up around 15 digestives.

step 2.
melt butter, add to digestives, mix & flatten onto the bottom of your dish.

step 3.
add lemon juice & zest to marscapone & mix.

step 4.
spread marscapone & lemon on top of digestive base.

step 5.
easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


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