Friday, 23 July 2010

the butterflies & the bees.

i heart...

favourite friday.

this week at work consisted of making egg box caterpillars, paper mache ladybirds, pipe cleaner spiders, finger paint worms and symmetrical painted butterflies.

i love my job.

so much so it doesn't even feel like a job. nothing better than getting paid to be a big kid. maybe apart from the changing of smelly nappies & the trying to stop kids from eating their own bogers part.

anywho, keeping in with the creepy crawly theme this week i heart... 

this not so creepy or crawly butterfly brooch from The Night Owl.

this saturday they will be selling their beautiful products along with 40 other lovely crafters, designers & artists at the Made In The Shade Summertime Hop.

i am proper gutted that i'm not able to make this, but you should be sure to have a swatch at all they have planned at their summery extravaganza.

and as if that wasn't enough crafty-ness for one weekend, this sunday Granny Would Be Proud have an event organised as well, where my favourite wifey Betty Swollocks will have a stall, among many others.

i am very excited, but very worried about the non-existent bank balance i will undoubtedly have by the end of it all.



  1. Woohoo! Betty hearts the things you heart xx

  2. Woohoo too! I heart... stumbling upon this wee feature! (Laura Donald had the same experience on my blog yesterday - haha!!) I'm lovin' the lovin'!!! Thanks very much and say hi if you swing by the Glasgow Hop this Saturday! Ellen

  3. no problem at all :)
    i'll make sure to say hello on saturday!