Sunday, 8 August 2010

who ate all the veggie pies?

i heart...

organic fruit & veg.

now, it's no secret that i heart... getting post, parcels & deliveries. well this week i received my first organic fruit & veg box delivery, which i got extremely excited about. the box was full to the brim with onions, celery, carrots, spinach, green beans, lettuce, courgette-type things, apples, oranges, pears & kiwi fruits.

in my excitement i decided to make a spot of vegetable filled lunch for me & christopher. i found a recipe for vegetable pie online & gave it a bash. i was a bit apprehensive as i don't think i'd even tasted veggie pie before, never mind make one! but against the odds it actually turned out really scrummy, even if i do say so myself.

i do realise it looks like someone has already eaten the pie & spewed it back up again, but it did taste delicious, honest.

vegetable pie recipe

selection of veg

step 1.
pre-heat oven to 200`C/gas mark 6.

step 2.
chop your veg & put into a casserole dish.

step 3.
make white sauce by melting butter in a pot, adding flour & mixing till it turns into a paste. gradually add milk & keep stirring until sauce thickens.

step 4.
add white sauce to veg & mix.

step 5.
boil tatties & mash. (i cheated & used smash, shhhh.)

step 6.
add grated cheese to mash, mix & put on top of veg & white sauce.

step 7.
put in the oven for 30 minutes.

step 8.



  1. ooh i'm getting my first organic fruit and veg box tomorrow?
    i'm more than a little excited to see what's in it.
    mayyyyyy have to try this little recipe out!

  2. How fantastic - looks yummy! Next thing you'll be growing your own! :)