Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Sale!

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a bargain.

And you can get yourselves quite a few in our Summer Sale with 20% off selected items including...

...this beautiful felt necklace with fair trade paper beads.
WAS £21.00, now ONLY £16.80!

....these lovely pair of vintage anchor earrings.
WAS £12.00, now ONLY £9.60!

...this unique pair of vintage Japanese bird hair clips.
WAS £8.50, now ONLY £6.80!

...these hand-knitted purses made from fair trade alpaca yarn.
WAS £8.00, now ONLY £6.40!

...and this beautiful vintage love heart locket.
WAS £16.00, now ONLY 12.80!

There's even more bargains to be had on our online eco-shop too, have a swatch here!


Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Kids Classes.

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teaching kids how to craft.

They are so enthusiastic & I love it! Starting on the 18th July I will be facilitating a range of kids craft classes at The Life Craft. Classes include knitting where they will learn all the basics & make a knitted hair bow/bow tie, hand-sewing where they will stitch themselves their very own pencil case...

...cross-stitch where they'll design their own cross-stitch badges aaand a comic class where they will be encouraged to use their imagination & make their own comic using pens, pencils, paints & collage...

So there really is no excuse to have bored little ones this holidays! You can book here.


Monday, 20 June 2011

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Music For My Ears.

Thank you to everyone that sent over their music this month, as always it's great to hear such varied & passionate musicians.

This month we have chosen the lovely (Shortfin) Mako Shark to be featured on our website.

'We are (Shortfin) Mako Shark. The project started towards the end of 2008 when Lucia and I (Clara) decided to start playing songs together. Later we got tons of help from a friend called Larra who is awesome at playing guitar (and many other instruments) and who recorded our first and second EP, so we asked him to join the band as well, since he was really involved. We get together from time to time (we've lived in different cities a couple of times, so we don't have any kind of schedule, we just play whenever we feel like it) because playing music feels good.'

Go have a listen - www.iheartdotdotdot.co.uk

And if you'd like your music to be featured next month, send your tunes to our Soundcloud...

Share your tracks


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Right here. Right now.

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We're back & refreshed from our holiday to Spain, where we saw the sights of Barcelona, went along to the Ilu-station festival & enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine on a quiet beach.

Whilst at the beach I thought I'd do a bit of guerilla knitting...

Knitting always makes me think, and as I was knitting a band to add to a tree at my favourite spot I came up with the idea of Right here. Right now. A community project that connects strangers, shares experiences & appreciates the great outdoors.

Off I set along the beach of Platja Llarga, near Tarragona to my favourite place which I discovered last time I went travelling. I tied my knitted band to a tree there...

And popped the guidelines for Right here. Right now. inside...

This is what I added:

My name is Iona, I'm 24 & from Scotland. 
This spot is my favourite spot in the whole world. I first came here 3 years ago whilst travelling alone with a tent around Spain for a month. That trip helped me find out who I was & be confident & happy with who I was. This spot reminds me of that.
Today I sit here not knowing what is ahead of me but sitting here, remembering, fills me with confidence that I'll be able to handle whatever lies ahead.

Iona Bruce

She turned her can'ts into cans
And her dreams into plans.


And here is my photo...

I wasn't sure if anyone would come across my knitted pouch & note, or if they did whether they would take it down, so I was so happy when I received a lovely e-mail last night...

'Hi Iona,

You would be very surprised to receive an email at this time on the morning. This is because I've just came back from one of my favourite places here in Tarragona from I saw the superb moon eclipse of yesterday. It was really amazing to find the papers you left tied to the pine tree and of course to know that there are some people that have the same feelings about Nature. Of course I writted one of the papers before seeing the eclipse and put it back to the pine tree. I liked very much the last message you wrote on your paper!!!. It's really touching.

Unfortunately I have one simple camera so it was impossible to take some photographs of the eclipse but the camera was good enough to take some pictures of the sea with the full moon. Here you can find attached some of them. In the afternoon of today, I'll send you more pictures including one of your favourite plot with myself in it.

Uppss!!!!, by the way, my name is Jesus Lopez Villada and I'm from Tarragona.

Sunny regards,

I'm planning on leaving knitted pouches with Right here. Right now. guidelines in it in lots of other special places too. I'm so excited about it!


My name is Jesus Lopez and I was born here in Tarragona. What a nice present to find here some sensitive people about this breathtaking landscape. I'm here today to see a Moon eclipse that according to experts it will be spectacular.  In my case this natural phenomena symbolises a break with my recent past and a welcome to a new life. And all this is really so strange because since I woke up this morning I have the feeling that I'm ready to an important change in my life. I hope so !!
Well, ten minutes to see a Moonrise with a shadow. Let's enjoy it!!!



Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heart & Lungs Launch.

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our new bi-monthly zine - Heart & Lungs.

Today is the official launch of our June/July issue & includes an interview with Sandra Dieckmann, feature on Donna Wilson, blog by Carrie MacLennan, events & projects listings & a whole host of beard & bear-tastic delights including how-to knit a beard, a bearded bear comic strip, our favourite bear & beard handmade bits & a whole heap more.

Want a copy? Head over here, where YOU choose how much to pay for it.

And have a gander over to the website too & see how you can contribute to our next issue.