Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We have a new name and now we have a new blog.

Be sure to follow us over there, we've got some very exciting news being announced later today!

Our new website address is:




Goodbye i heart...

Hello Wolf Bones.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Design our new logo!

There's some exciting things happening behind the scenes of i heart... just now, ones that can't be revealed, just yet. We will tell you soon though, you know how bad we are at keeping secrets!

However, we can reveal that we will be changing our name. i heart... will be no more! We came up with the name i heart... never imagining that we would transform into a massive smorgasbord of craft workshops, projects, events, online eco-shops... Never in our wildest dreams. But we're damn proud that we have. So we think it's time to change our name to fit who we are now & will continue to be in the future.

We will soon transform & be known as Wolf Bones.

Like it? We do. A random name, you may think. But, did you know that wolf bones are used to find out environmental changes in the Earth's climate? Like tree rings. And as you know, we're all about helping the planet. Plus bones are at the core of our bodies and connect & work together to make something awesome. Which is what we aim to do - encourage people to use their raw creativeness to collaborate & create amazing things. Plus, we like wolves. They are nice.

With a new name comes a new logo. And guess what? Yes, that's right, we'd like you to design it!
As with all our projects, anyone is welcome to take part, whether you're a professional artist or someone that just likes doodling on the edges of the newspaper.

  • The logo must include the text 'Wolf Bones'.
  • Entries must be in by 15th August.
  • Feel free to experiment and be as random as you like in your design, but if you're struggling remember our organisation is all about being eco-friendly, making the arts accessible to all & encouraging collaboration.
Send your submissions to for the chance to win a £30 gift voucher to use on anything in our online eco-shop as well as lots & lots of exposure. We'll pimp you out big time.

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!


Thursday, 4 August 2011

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone that entered our giveaway, time to announce our winners... (drum roll please)

Well done to...

Get in touch & we can book a time for your online tutorial!

Once these lovely winners try out our online craft tutorials there will be a whole array of them available to everyone, everywhere! We'll keep you up to date as to when you can start booking them :)

Until then, if you are in Glasgow, why not come along to our Meet & Make craft group. Our next one is on 28th August at the 13th Note. Bring along your knitting, sewing, embroidery or any other crafty project you're working on, meet some new folk & have a couple of drinks too!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

B.A.A.D. Fest

i heart...

The Barras.

And this weekend sees the B.A.A.D. Fest taking place in the Barras Art & Design Centre. It is a beautiful space right in the heart of the Barras and this Saturday we'll be there with a stall full of eco-friendly goodies. Everything from jewellery to stationery, homewares to art - all made by independent artists & designers.

Come on down & say hello, peruse all the craft stalls, listen to some music & watch some demonstrations!

See you on Saturday!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Time for a give away!

It is indeed time for a wee give away! We're in the midst of organising a range of online craft tutorials via Skype. Oh how we love technology. This means we'll be able to teach a range of craft skills from knitting, sewing, cross-stitch & embroidery, to people across the globe! We need to give it a test run & would love to give two of you lucky lot the chance to try it out for free, exciting huh?!

All you need to do is...

'Like' our Facebook page & spread the i heart... word by tagging us in one of your posts.


Follow us on Twitter and let your followers know about this giveaway by tagging us.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

In return we will randomly select two lucky winners who will get a lovely parcel in the post with all the materials you'll need to craft up a storm & an hour long online tutorial where we will teach you a new craft skill, help you with any problems & get you on your way to finishing a craft-tastic project.

What you waiting for, get on it!

*Entrants must have access to a webcam & Skype.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

i heart...

I Build Collapsible Mountains.

By far one of my favourite musicians & also one of my favourite people, so I'm very happy to say that we're featuring him - the lovely Luke Joyce (who also happens to be an awesome photographer, e-mail him with requests) on our website this month.

The track 'Face Of Thunder Grin' comes from his upcoming album 'Spectator & The Act' which will be released through American label Burning Building Records on the 11th October. I've been lucky enough to have a wee listen to the other album tracks too & by Jove your ears are in for a treat.

I Build Collapsible Mountains will be playing in the GoNorth Tour stage at the Wickerman festival this weekend, so if you're going make sure to pop in for a listen & if not head on over to our website & have a listen now!

If you would like your music to be featured on our website, send your tunes to our Soundcloud dropbox.

Send me
your sounds

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Stationery Love

i heart...


I love it. I get scarily excited about buying new stationery. It was the favourite part of the year when I was younger, the once a year trip to Inverness to get the back to school necessities. Oh, the butterflies I would get picking out my pencil case & pencils & pens & highlighters & tipex...
This love continued onwards as I grew upwards, moving onto unique cards, diary and letter writing-like stationery goods and of course a good pen every now & then.

Well, my love & excitement for stationery is still as strong as ever and I am super happy about a whole bunch of new eco-friendly products we've just added to the stationery section of our online eco-shop. Eee! Here's some of my very favourites...

Bicycle Stationery Set

Instant Comfort Pocket Box DIY Kit

Poor Thing Card

Hooray! You Tied The Knot Card

Bird & Cage Stamp Kit

There's a whole heap more too, head on over to our online eco-shop for a look-see.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Sale!

i heart...

a bargain.

And you can get yourselves quite a few in our Summer Sale with 20% off selected items including...

...this beautiful felt necklace with fair trade paper beads.
WAS £21.00, now ONLY £16.80!

....these lovely pair of vintage anchor earrings.
WAS £12.00, now ONLY £9.60!

...this unique pair of vintage Japanese bird hair clips.
WAS £8.50, now ONLY £6.80!

...these hand-knitted purses made from fair trade alpaca yarn.
WAS £8.00, now ONLY £6.40!

...and this beautiful vintage love heart locket.
WAS £16.00, now ONLY 12.80!

There's even more bargains to be had on our online eco-shop too, have a swatch here!


Monday, 27 June 2011

Summer Kids Classes.

i heart...

teaching kids how to craft.

They are so enthusiastic & I love it! Starting on the 18th July I will be facilitating a range of kids craft classes at The Life Craft. Classes include knitting where they will learn all the basics & make a knitted hair bow/bow tie, hand-sewing where they will stitch themselves their very own pencil case...

...cross-stitch where they'll design their own cross-stitch badges aaand a comic class where they will be encouraged to use their imagination & make their own comic using pens, pencils, paints & collage...

So there really is no excuse to have bored little ones this holidays! You can book here.


Monday, 20 June 2011

i heart...

Music For My Ears.

Thank you to everyone that sent over their music this month, as always it's great to hear such varied & passionate musicians.

This month we have chosen the lovely (Shortfin) Mako Shark to be featured on our website.

'We are (Shortfin) Mako Shark. The project started towards the end of 2008 when Lucia and I (Clara) decided to start playing songs together. Later we got tons of help from a friend called Larra who is awesome at playing guitar (and many other instruments) and who recorded our first and second EP, so we asked him to join the band as well, since he was really involved. We get together from time to time (we've lived in different cities a couple of times, so we don't have any kind of schedule, we just play whenever we feel like it) because playing music feels good.'

Go have a listen -

And if you'd like your music to be featured next month, send your tunes to our Soundcloud...

Share your tracks


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Right here. Right now.

i heart...


We're back & refreshed from our holiday to Spain, where we saw the sights of Barcelona, went along to the Ilu-station festival & enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine on a quiet beach.

Whilst at the beach I thought I'd do a bit of guerilla knitting...

Knitting always makes me think, and as I was knitting a band to add to a tree at my favourite spot I came up with the idea of Right here. Right now. A community project that connects strangers, shares experiences & appreciates the great outdoors.

Off I set along the beach of Platja Llarga, near Tarragona to my favourite place which I discovered last time I went travelling. I tied my knitted band to a tree there...

And popped the guidelines for Right here. Right now. inside...

This is what I added:

My name is Iona, I'm 24 & from Scotland. 
This spot is my favourite spot in the whole world. I first came here 3 years ago whilst travelling alone with a tent around Spain for a month. That trip helped me find out who I was & be confident & happy with who I was. This spot reminds me of that.
Today I sit here not knowing what is ahead of me but sitting here, remembering, fills me with confidence that I'll be able to handle whatever lies ahead.

Iona Bruce

She turned her can'ts into cans
And her dreams into plans.


And here is my photo...

I wasn't sure if anyone would come across my knitted pouch & note, or if they did whether they would take it down, so I was so happy when I received a lovely e-mail last night...

'Hi Iona,

You would be very surprised to receive an email at this time on the morning. This is because I've just came back from one of my favourite places here in Tarragona from I saw the superb moon eclipse of yesterday. It was really amazing to find the papers you left tied to the pine tree and of course to know that there are some people that have the same feelings about Nature. Of course I writted one of the papers before seeing the eclipse and put it back to the pine tree. I liked very much the last message you wrote on your paper!!!. It's really touching.

Unfortunately I have one simple camera so it was impossible to take some photographs of the eclipse but the camera was good enough to take some pictures of the sea with the full moon. Here you can find attached some of them. In the afternoon of today, I'll send you more pictures including one of your favourite plot with myself in it.

Uppss!!!!, by the way, my name is Jesus Lopez Villada and I'm from Tarragona.

Sunny regards,

I'm planning on leaving knitted pouches with Right here. Right now. guidelines in it in lots of other special places too. I'm so excited about it!


My name is Jesus Lopez and I was born here in Tarragona. What a nice present to find here some sensitive people about this breathtaking landscape. I'm here today to see a Moon eclipse that according to experts it will be spectacular.  In my case this natural phenomena symbolises a break with my recent past and a welcome to a new life. And all this is really so strange because since I woke up this morning I have the feeling that I'm ready to an important change in my life. I hope so !!
Well, ten minutes to see a Moonrise with a shadow. Let's enjoy it!!!



Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Heart & Lungs Launch.

i heart...

our new bi-monthly zine - Heart & Lungs.

Today is the official launch of our June/July issue & includes an interview with Sandra Dieckmann, feature on Donna Wilson, blog by Carrie MacLennan, events & projects listings & a whole host of beard & bear-tastic delights including how-to knit a beard, a bearded bear comic strip, our favourite bear & beard handmade bits & a whole heap more.

Want a copy? Head over here, where YOU choose how much to pay for it.

And have a gander over to the website too & see how you can contribute to our next issue.


Friday, 27 May 2011


i heart...


It's been a good few years now since I've been on one, my last being a month's trip round parts of Spain, just me & my tent - best experience ever. I saw some amazing places, met some lovely people & found out who I really was somewhere along the way too. I'd advise everyone to go travelling on their own at least once in their life, it really was life-changing.

Well, I'm off to Spain again to one of my favourite cities - Barcelona, this time with the boy alongside me. We're going for the Ilu-Station Indie Comix Fest, which is a festival of illustration & zines taking place between the 4th - 12th June.

There'll be a zine market, several exhibitions & workshops too. I can't wait! Plus, the boy is writing about it for The Herald. I'm super proud.

Sooo, whilst we're away the online eco-shop will be on holiday too, between the 3rd - 15th June. You'll still be able to order your lovely eco-friendly bits, however they won't be processed till we come back, hopefully feeling relaxed, covered in freckles & raring to go! So if there's something you've got your eye on in our online eco-shop, make sure & order it before the 3rd.

Adios Amigos!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sewing Saturday.

i heart...

all you generous people who have donated knitted squares for our Post a Patch project.

I've received quite a few in the post this last week so I spent today sewing them into beautiful blankets. Thanks to your generosity we now have two more baby blankets for So Go & Run Free and one big blanket for Starter Packs Glasgow. Can you spot your patch?

Thank you so so so much to everyone that has sent in a patch so far. If you haven't sent one yet, then get those knitting needles out! Click here for all the info you need to take part.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On the road again...

i heart...

Glasgow. As much as it was lovely to get away from all the hustle & bustle by living up North again, Glasgow has been calling for a few months now. So I am DELIGHTED to say that come June, Glasgow will be my home once more. Yay! Keep your peepers peeled as to what exciting new things this will mean for i heart... too, watch this space.

So we've spent the last couple of days having a major cull & have lost count of how many black bags have left the house, I'd say our local charity shop is safely stocked up for the rest of the year.

However, to celebrate our move & because there were some things I couldn't bear to throw away, for the next week every purchase on our online eco-shop will receive some free goodies too! There's a whole bunch of our old stock on offer... well as a lovely array of books, bits & bobs up for grabs!

So head on over to our online eco-shop, treat yourself to something nice & expect a parcel full of goodies in the post!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Music for the month.

i heart...

getting to listen to all the amazing songs that are sent our way each month for our Music To My Ears project.

This month we've chosen to feature Tom Irvine & his song 'Bubblewrap'.

'I'm still just starting out and I'm in the process of getting a band together to perform my songs live. I try to use as many nice noises and instruments as I can to create interesting, but more often just catchy, music. Some of my main influences include Menomena, Conquering Animal Sound and Meursault. I'm much more used to playing louder, guitar-based, shouty music, so this is all a bit of an experiment for me, but it's nice to finally be writing songs that are actually pleasant to listen to!'

You can listen to Tom's tune over on our website -
And if you fancy sending some music to us too, pop it into our soundcloud dropbox & we'll have a listen -


Monday, 9 May 2011

Knit, Have A Go At It! fun.

i heart...

teaching people how to knit.

And that's what yesterday was spent doing. I had a great time showing some lovely people how to knit patches, having a good chat & stuffing my face with amazing chocolate mousse cake!

A massive thanks to Voluntary Arts Week, The Life Craft for having us, Rowan, Designer Yarns & Anne Ferguson for donating yarn & of course all you lovely people that came along - was really great to meet you all.

Post a Patch is an ongoing project, so we are always looking for more patches to make into blankets for our selected charities - Starter Packs Glasgow & So Go And Run Free.

Here's some tips to get you on your way...

AND we have a looooads of yarn left, so if you'd like to knit a patch, e-mail us on with your address & we'll send some your way :)


Friday, 6 May 2011

Keep Calm.

i heart...

keeping calm.

It doesn't happen very often though & these last couple of weeks have been choc-a-bloc with busy-ness. Our online eco-shop opened its virtual doors, we announced our upcoming monthly zine - Heart & Lungs, had a knit-tastic Meet & Make session, made up some bits for a new Iona Bruce stockist & have been preparing for our Knit, Have a Go At It! event on Sunday. Phew.

The best thing to do is keep calm & drink tea...

Just like our favourite friday of the week by Ella Masters so cutely tells us. You can buy this original illustration here.


Saturday, 30 April 2011

Online Eco-shop Launch.

i heart...

our online eco-shop.

And it's now officially open! It's full of eco-friendly homewares, gifts, soaps, stationery, jewellery, artwork & more, all handmade by artists & designers from around the UK.

Here's a few of my favourites...

I could keep adding more & more, but you can see the full range by clicking here.

Happy eco-shopping!