Friday, 6 August 2010

biscuits & badges.

i heart...

favourite fridays.

i have never really been much of a biscuit fan. chocolate? yes. but the biscuity bit? yuch. of course if there were no sweeties in the house, i would put up with a biscuit instead to get my sugar fix. but it's just not the same as sinking my chops into a block of creamy milk chocolate.

however, after saying all that, this week i have come across not one, but two biscuity delights that have received my firm stamp of approval. firstly, i tried the new chocolate digestives with caramel in them, yum! i could quite easily become addicted & turn into a whale. and secondly,

this friday i heart...

this pair of scrumptious chocolate digestive badges by Nikki Made.

i most definitely want to get, not my mouth, but my hands on them.


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