Friday, 20 August 2010

zine excitement.

i heart...

favourite fridays.

last week i purchased my very first zine, a concept i ashamedly haven't known about for very long. but jeez oh i'm glad i do now, because i love them! the idea of having a mini book full of artist's doodles, thoughts & work is one i'm a HUGE fan of.

back in april i was involved in organising an exhibition with Glasgow Podcart. The exhibition concentrated solely on artist's, designer's, writer's & musician's sketchbooks & was open to the public throughout april at the Welcome Home gallery. Getting to see the inner workings of these talented people really excited me & i loved going through the whole range of submissions we received & being allowed an inside look into what goes on in the their minds.

i get the same excitement from flicking through a thoughtfully designed zine.

so this week my favourite friday is...

this lovely zine titled 'We Were a Kaleidoscope' by hellojenuinewhich has excellent illustrations throughout it based on songs by Death Cab For A Cutie.

the whole zine thing has got the cogs in my wee head turning, so keep an eye out for a blogpost in the next couple of days about a zine project i will be organising!



  1. hey, thanks so very much for posting about this! so ace that you're wanting to make a zine now!

  2. no problem at all.
    yup, you've inspired me! maybe even get a wee submission from you?
    are you going to made in the shade tomorrow? maybe get to meet you there :) x