Sunday, 15 August 2010

me + free-time = crafty weekend.

i heart...

crafty weekends.

i've been so busy with moving house & work that i've hardly posted any blogposts whatsoever about my own bits & bobs, but last weekend i finally had some time for myself. so obviously i spent it keeping my crafty fingers busy. here are just a couple of photies of some necklaces i conjured up...

i heart...tash & specks necklaces.

i heart...cross-stitch heart necklaces.

to see some more of the thingmyajigs i made have a swatch at my facebook page & i'd be ever so grateful if you could 'like' it too.
let me know what you think of my bits, even if you think they're gash! all truthful opinions are warmly welcomed & appreciated.

fingers crossed that crafty weekends are not so few & far between in the future.


1 comment:

  1. I love weekends that leave you free to indulge a crafty side.
    Great makes.