Friday, 9 July 2010

favourite friday.

i heart...

favourite fridays.

what a week. in the last 7 days i have managed to acquire a full-time job AND a rented 3 bedroom house in the country. its all go!

i have moved around more than a 98 year old gypsy lady. from my first house in australia when i popped into the world, to a caravan in my granny & granda's garden, to my trusty pop up tent whilst travelling solo round spain and a whole bunch more, making our new house the 29th place i've lived in to date. so as you can imagine i'm quite a dab hand at flitting and can pack all my belongings quicker than mary poppins and her magical finger clicks. but the thing i love the most about moving is making my mark on my new place, making it look pretty and making it not just my house, but my home. which brings me to this week's favourite friday.

this friday i heart...

this awesome material stag's head from wooden tree.

mounted stag's heads seem to be a must for country homes, so being vegetarian and slightly terrified at the thought of staring into the dead eyes of a decapitated animal, this is the perfect alternative. i love it.



  1. I just counted up and you beat me on the moves. I've only moved 24 times in 36 years!
    That Stag's head is very groovy ( and so much better that having a creepy real one). Congrats on the new job!

  2. Well I just had a count too.. I'm up to 29 houses in 34 years.. Iona I think its genetic, we have gypsy blood in us!! lol..
    Good to hear you have moved to the country side, good choice! I must say I prefer the fabric stag to a real one too!!!! And yes we are all good at packing and unpacking too!!..xx

  3. haha, sounds like it definitely runs in the family then! x