Friday, 20 August 2010

i heart...zines!

i heart...


i heart...collaboration.
i heart...creative people irrespective of their experience.
i people the opportunity to showcase their work.
i projects!

so after a weekend of the cogs in my wee head turning, i came up with this idea.

to celebrate the launch of the i heart... website on 18th september 2010, i would like to produce a collaborative zine which will be sold in my online shop.

i'd like the submissions to be as diverse as possible, from as many different disciplines as possible & using as many different materials as you want.

most importantly i'd like the submissions to come from ANYONE. it doesn't matter if you've studied art or not, call yourself an 'artist' or not, are 5 or 95, create things professionally or just doodle in your spare time. this project is inclusive of EVERYONE.

and all you have to do is...
tell me what YOU heart.
send me an A6 piece with the caption 'i heart...' on it somewhere & write, draw, paint, photograph etc, what you heart.

successful submissions will be included in a limited edition zine & their details (name, website/e-mail addresses) will be featured also. you will also benefit from lots of free advertising from myself via social networks, blogs etc so people can find out who you talented lovelies are & get your work out there for all to see :)

any questions drop me a wee e-mail to:

i don't think people send post enough these days so all submissions should be popped in a postbox & sent to:

Lodge 8
Mains Of Garten Farm
Boat Of Garten
PH24 3BY

i think that's everything, so get making!



  1. Betty's well getting involved. Your address is the quaintest thing i have ever read! x

  2. i look forward to betty's submission! x

  3. I'd love to play along - can I email my submission instead - Aussie post is way too slow!

  4. of course you can Cam, can't wait to see it :) x

  5. What great idea!! I think I need to email

    xo Steph

  6. aw) lovely! love the blog! i'll send the submissions)