Friday, 27 May 2011


i heart...


It's been a good few years now since I've been on one, my last being a month's trip round parts of Spain, just me & my tent - best experience ever. I saw some amazing places, met some lovely people & found out who I really was somewhere along the way too. I'd advise everyone to go travelling on their own at least once in their life, it really was life-changing.

Well, I'm off to Spain again to one of my favourite cities - Barcelona, this time with the boy alongside me. We're going for the Ilu-Station Indie Comix Fest, which is a festival of illustration & zines taking place between the 4th - 12th June.

There'll be a zine market, several exhibitions & workshops too. I can't wait! Plus, the boy is writing about it for The Herald. I'm super proud.

Sooo, whilst we're away the online eco-shop will be on holiday too, between the 3rd - 15th June. You'll still be able to order your lovely eco-friendly bits, however they won't be processed till we come back, hopefully feeling relaxed, covered in freckles & raring to go! So if there's something you've got your eye on in our online eco-shop, make sure & order it before the 3rd.

Adios Amigos!


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sewing Saturday.

i heart...

all you generous people who have donated knitted squares for our Post a Patch project.

I've received quite a few in the post this last week so I spent today sewing them into beautiful blankets. Thanks to your generosity we now have two more baby blankets for So Go & Run Free and one big blanket for Starter Packs Glasgow. Can you spot your patch?

Thank you so so so much to everyone that has sent in a patch so far. If you haven't sent one yet, then get those knitting needles out! Click here for all the info you need to take part.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On the road again...

i heart...

Glasgow. As much as it was lovely to get away from all the hustle & bustle by living up North again, Glasgow has been calling for a few months now. So I am DELIGHTED to say that come June, Glasgow will be my home once more. Yay! Keep your peepers peeled as to what exciting new things this will mean for i heart... too, watch this space.

So we've spent the last couple of days having a major cull & have lost count of how many black bags have left the house, I'd say our local charity shop is safely stocked up for the rest of the year.

However, to celebrate our move & because there were some things I couldn't bear to throw away, for the next week every purchase on our online eco-shop will receive some free goodies too! There's a whole bunch of our old stock on offer... well as a lovely array of books, bits & bobs up for grabs!

So head on over to our online eco-shop, treat yourself to something nice & expect a parcel full of goodies in the post!


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Music for the month.

i heart...

getting to listen to all the amazing songs that are sent our way each month for our Music To My Ears project.

This month we've chosen to feature Tom Irvine & his song 'Bubblewrap'.

'I'm still just starting out and I'm in the process of getting a band together to perform my songs live. I try to use as many nice noises and instruments as I can to create interesting, but more often just catchy, music. Some of my main influences include Menomena, Conquering Animal Sound and Meursault. I'm much more used to playing louder, guitar-based, shouty music, so this is all a bit of an experiment for me, but it's nice to finally be writing songs that are actually pleasant to listen to!'

You can listen to Tom's tune over on our website -
And if you fancy sending some music to us too, pop it into our soundcloud dropbox & we'll have a listen -


Monday, 9 May 2011

Knit, Have A Go At It! fun.

i heart...

teaching people how to knit.

And that's what yesterday was spent doing. I had a great time showing some lovely people how to knit patches, having a good chat & stuffing my face with amazing chocolate mousse cake!

A massive thanks to Voluntary Arts Week, The Life Craft for having us, Rowan, Designer Yarns & Anne Ferguson for donating yarn & of course all you lovely people that came along - was really great to meet you all.

Post a Patch is an ongoing project, so we are always looking for more patches to make into blankets for our selected charities - Starter Packs Glasgow & So Go And Run Free.

Here's some tips to get you on your way...

AND we have a looooads of yarn left, so if you'd like to knit a patch, e-mail us on with your address & we'll send some your way :)


Friday, 6 May 2011

Keep Calm.

i heart...

keeping calm.

It doesn't happen very often though & these last couple of weeks have been choc-a-bloc with busy-ness. Our online eco-shop opened its virtual doors, we announced our upcoming monthly zine - Heart & Lungs, had a knit-tastic Meet & Make session, made up some bits for a new Iona Bruce stockist & have been preparing for our Knit, Have a Go At It! event on Sunday. Phew.

The best thing to do is keep calm & drink tea...

Just like our favourite friday of the week by Ella Masters so cutely tells us. You can buy this original illustration here.