Wednesday, 29 September 2010

i favourite place.

i heart...

organising another collaborative zine!

whilst taking submissions for the last zine project i organised ('i heart...zines!' grab yourself one here) i had the idea of having the awesome RM Hubbert record some of his amazing guitar playing onto one of those sound chip things you get in greetings cards & putting it into the zine so that when you opened it you could hear his music. but unfortunately recordable chips were quite expensive & majorly bulky so that idea was scrapped...

...which made room for this idea! to organise another collaborative zine where every page of artwork would have a corresponding sound, not through horrible big expensive chips, but through a website link. the idea being that you can look at the artwork whilst listening to the sound that goes with it at the same time! pretty cool huh?

i've decided that the theme for this one will be 'my favourite place.' as you can see...
if you would like to send a submission, think of your favourite place. maybe it's the seaside, or at a gig, or at your folk's house watching corrie. create an A6 size piece using whatever materials you choose & then think of the sound that's incorporated with that place & RECORD IT! use your phone, your computer, a mic - anything that can record .wav files.

then all you have to do is:

post me your A6 size art piece to...
lodge 8
mains of garten farm
boat of garten
ph24 3by
(because i love getting post & people should most definitely send more things in the post).

then e-mail the .wav file of your sound to...

& bob's your auntie!


Sunday, 26 September 2010

spilling the beans part 1.

i heart...

finally being able to spill at least some of my beans!

if you've read some of my previous posts you'll know that i've been doing some exciting things behind the scenes. some of which is making some handmade bits for these lovely people...

and am very happy to announce that i'm their official merch maker! so far i have a to do list of some very special CD covers, band t-shirts, video props & badges. i'm very very very excited about working with them & getting to make bits & bobs for some of my favourite bands.

to mark the occasion i have also added an extra freelance section to my website, go have a butcher's.


Saturday, 25 September 2010

i heart...zines! are here!

i heart...

i heart...zines!

after transforming a little idea in my head into a reality, a month of getting excited about the submissions the postie would bring me in the morning & finally collating them all & stitching them together, the i heart...zines! collaborative zine is here!

the zine includes work from a whole array of creative lovelies & each of them has created a piece that depicts what they 'heart.'

it is a limited edition of 30, so be quick before they all go!

you can purchase one HERE.


Friday, 24 September 2010

mice to meet you, to meet you mice.

i heart...

favourite friday.

today is being spent frantically trying to hand draw, paint, glue, sew & typewrite all the covers for the i heart...zines! collaborative zine as they are going on sale in my online shop on saturday, yey! they are looking awesome, even if i do say so myself. the variety of contributing artists styles, materials & techniques all fits together so well. so make sure you're quick to get your hands on one on saturday, there's only 30 of them!

one of the artists featured in the zine is the lovely jubbley melanie chadwick of Mellybee. she hearts tea. i heart...her illustrations and this mouse-tastic one is this week's favourite friday.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

website launch!

i heart...

my brand spanking new website!

finally, after about a month of teaching myself how to use the horror that is html i have persevered, not thrown my computer out the window & somehow managed to conjure up a website which includes a blog, an online shop, info on workshops & a portfolio of projects i've organised.

here are two of my favourites from the online shop...

meet these two handsome hand-sewn creatures - rita the racoon & olive the owl.

feel free to take a gander at the website & let me know if your thumbs are up.


Friday, 17 September 2010

good busy.

i heart...

being a busy bee.

and i have certainly been one of those over the last week. first of all i travelled to dundee last saturday for the n_ilk day festival where i set up stall with dundee jamboree. we all crammed into a cosy log cabin & had a steady stream of lovely customers come to see us throughout the day. here's a wee photie of what my stall looked like...

i had a great day & would strongly recommend anyone that wants to sell handmade bits to get out there & get yourself a wee stall somewhere. Even if you don't sell much you learn so much about what's out there, what prospective customers like & it just gets your name out there. and of course you get to have lots of fun & meet loads & loads of nice people in the process. i finally got to meet helen of Jolly Good, yvonne of Sketchstitch, tracy of Plastic Bat & kirsty of wooden tree who i've been talking to online for a wee while now, it was really good to put a face to the name to these awesome fellow crafters. so awesome that they have all been one of my favourite fridays, including this week which is...

these adorable dictionary necklaces made by Jolly Good.
i especially like the 'scunner' one, as it is the best word in the universe.

in other busy-ness i have been frantically fighting with html, but am finally getting there with my brand spanking new website. you can have a sneak peak HERE before the online shop opens tomorrow! i've also been putting together the 'i heart...zines!' collaborative zine & it should be ready by the end of next week. i've also been busy with some secret things too, which hopefully i'll be able to spill the beans about soon. it's all very exciting :)


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

i heart...zines! update.

i heart...

every single one of the submissions people from across the world sent in for the i heart...zines! collaborative zine project. each one is so unique, so many different techniques were used, from people of all different artistic backgrounds. thank you to everyone that spend time & effort creating their submission.

the deadline was on sunday & i can proudly announce that the lovely people that will have their pieces in the zine are...

Stephanie Spindler
Luke Joyce
Helen Macdonald
Yvonne Stewart
Gillian Gibson
Lisa-Marie Ferla
Michelle Price
Faye West
Camille Condon
Lynsay Neil
Melanie Chadwick
Fay Newman

and heres a wee sneak peek of the cover with real thread, photos, paint, pencil & mini zine all  included...

one down, only another 29 to handmake!
the zines will be on sale for 6 squid on my website, which launches on saturday!
i really hope this is the first collaborative zine of many :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

...and breathe.

i heart...

favourite friday.

i know, its a bit late in the day for a favourite friday, but i haven't even had a chance to breathe today because i've been super busy. i've spent the day getting bits & bobs ready for the Dundee Jamboree mini-market at the N_ilk festival in Dundee tomorrow. here's a wee peek at some of the craftings i'll have on my stall...

there will be lots of other lovely crafters there including last week's favourite friday - Sketchstitch, as well as hellojenuine, wooden tree, Jolly Good Studios & Tights For Sore Eyes, amongst others.

another awesome maker attending the Dundee Botantic Gardens this (hopefully) sunny saturday is Plastic Bat& her beautiful bunting necklace is the favourite friday of the week.

hope to see you all in dundee tomorrow, make sure you come say hello :)


Sunday, 5 September 2010

top secret excitement.

i heart...

exciting secrets.

although, i actually kind of hate keeping exciting secrets. so much so that when i get someone a present, for example, i seem to get more excited about it than they do & end up telling them what it is before i even give it to them.

however, for now, my lips are well and truly sealed, even if i am bursting to tell you all about the awesome things that are happening behind the i heart... scenes. you'll just have to sit tight & wait and see.

as well as biting my tongue, i've been very busy make-make-making for the n_ilk at the botanics fest on saturday, working on the i heart...zines! project & battling with html, my new arch enemy, to try and make my website look pretty for its launch on 18th september.

seeing as i'm being so good and keeping shtum about lots of things, i think i deserve to let you in on one wee something. have a sneak peek at one of the pages on my online shop...

let me know what you think :)


Friday, 3 September 2010

oh i know.

i heart...

favourite friday.

well the submissions for the i heart...zines! project are coming along nicely. so far i've had pieces sent to me from the lovely helen of jolly good, the awesome gillian gibson & the devilishly handsome luke joyce , as well as interest from people all over the uk & even australia!

i absolutely love how each submission is completely unique & has come from talented people of all different backgrounds, from here, there & everywhere. i have always believed that everyone & anyone has the ability to create art. hopefully this project is helping make this concept ring true.

another creative lady that is working on a piece for the zine is the very talented yvonne of sketchstitch, who created this week's favourite friday...

we are unique, i hope you know.