Saturday, 30 October 2010

my illustration past & future.

i heart...

favourite friday.

apologies for the lateness - t'internet was down yesterday.

today i'm over at my mum's looking after the dog whilst she goes for a wee night out. so in a bid to tidy some of the vast randomness of bits in our loft, i took down a couple of boxes full of my things to sort out. they were full of old school jotters, diaries, photos, certificates but most of all stories & drawings...

robin story written age 5 & picture of granny, me & chickens drawn age 7.

my imagination was amazing when i was younger, i was constantly writing stories about adventures & drawing pictures of everything & anything, until i started high school. high school took all the fun out of writing, replacing exciting stories with critical reviews & when i had to choose whether to take music or art - i reluctantly chose music, even though i wanted to take both - drawing took a back step whilst i concentrated on 'important' subjects, silly boys & the general stress of being an awkward teenager.

but, recently illustration is something i would love to get into again, it's just knowing how/where to start, finding my own style & finding the time to sit down & concentrate on it.
until then, here's this week's favourite friday...

this awesome illustration by Hollie MacManus.

maybe one day i'll be able to draw something as good as that :)


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  1. Thank you so much for this! What a lovely post.
    The best place to start illustrating is to just start drawing, painting, scribbling or just making a mess! :)