Wednesday, 3 November 2010

starting from stitch.

i heart...

being excited about taking my first Starting From Stitch workshop.

yup, that's right, this friday sees the very first Starting From Stitch workshop at Made In The Shade.
during week one, attendees will learn how to do a basic stitch, draw & sew on their own animal design, stuff it & stitch it together (whilst munching on treats & sipping on punch) so by the end of the evening everyone will have their very own fabric animal to take home!

they will also get to take home a wee booklet i've put together & here's a wee preview...

i'm very happy to say that the classes are fully booked. but! if you want in, send an e-mail to the Made In The Shade girls & let them know so we can put these workshops on again for you.

i'm also excited to be down in glasgow this weekend because it's the Supermercado launch on saturday! i can't wait to see all the stalls & goings on, you should most definitely come too.

(but don't spend ALL your pennies, because i'll have a stall there the week after ;))


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