Friday, 1 October 2010


i heart...

favourite friday.

well, its october. how it's managed to be october already i'm not quite sure however, mental.
this october is going to be a busy behind the scenes one for me. i've got new bits to make, more stock to make for the stalls i've got at Supermercado & Magpie Market in november, i've got some very special CD covers to make for Olive Grove Records, plus i'll be sorting through submissions for the new zine project - i favourite place aaaand i'll be getting myself ready for workshops that I'll be taking in november too (more details on this soon :))
but during all of that i hope i'll have some spare time to enjoy the autumn outside, collect conkers, snuggle up when it's too cold & wrap up warm in some lovely autumn-y attire.

which brings us to this week's favourite friday, what better way to keep your legs nice & toasty as well as looking amazing than wearing these...

...moustache tights designed by Tights For Sore Eyes. They have a whole heap of different designs to make your legs happy & warm this autumn.



  1. i have to have those tights they are fully amazebells!!

  2. Seen these before! Haha! Gonnae get me a pair for Rabs gig next week! Yus! Sorry I missed your call, just in from work, will give you a wee call tonight after dins dins! xxx