Thursday, 7 October 2010

spilling the beans part 2.

i heart...

spilling some more beans!

if you've signed up for my monthly newsletter (if you haven't you can do so here & get a 10% discount on my online shop) you will have read about how excited i am to announce that i will be holding some beginner craft classes at the Made In The Shade barras hq!

so if you don't know a purl from a pearl or a back-stitch from a stitch-up, then this is the workshop for you. the classes will teach you all the basics in hand sewing, embroidery & knitting, making you the master crafter you've always dreamt of being! plus it's b.y.o.b.! what better way to spend a friday night than crafting up some handmade handicrafts to be proud of whilst sipping on some wine & chatting to some lovely folks. 

you can join the facebook event here & if you would like any more info just drop an e-mail to the lovely Made In The Shade girlies to:



  1. OOOH this looks lovely!

    I can knit (a bit!) so was wondering if there would be room for an intermediate? Hand sewing and embroidery I am more a beginner at.

    And indeed..sounds like a lovely Friday Night!

  2. Of course! In the knitting session we will be knit & purling up some pretty purses & I'm sure I could sneak in some harder bits for you to learn :)