Friday, 22 October 2010


i heart...

favourite friday

it's safe to say winter is here, there's been snow with us already! so i've spent the last couple of days cooped up in my wee craft room with the heater full blast & a big jumper on, making some cross-stitch christmas cards (more exciting news on them later...). the thing i love about winter is being able to wrap up warm with tights & long socks, coats, hats, scarves & gloves. well, this week's favourite friday is just the thing to keep all your wintery wears tidy...

you can buy this beautifully crafted 'Into The Pines' hat rack on My Poppet, where you'll find a whole host of lovely bits & bobs.



  1. Love that rack, it's gorgeous.
    You've had snow?! Yikes! It's cold here but not cold enough for snow yet, although the forcast is for snow soon.

  2. That rack is really gorgeous, very unusual. I know what you mean about the cold but I'm with you on the wardrobe- much prefer winter cosy clothes and most of my own wardrobe suits this time of year x