Wednesday, 29 September 2010

i favourite place.

i heart...

organising another collaborative zine!

whilst taking submissions for the last zine project i organised ('i heart...zines!' grab yourself one here) i had the idea of having the awesome RM Hubbert record some of his amazing guitar playing onto one of those sound chip things you get in greetings cards & putting it into the zine so that when you opened it you could hear his music. but unfortunately recordable chips were quite expensive & majorly bulky so that idea was scrapped...

...which made room for this idea! to organise another collaborative zine where every page of artwork would have a corresponding sound, not through horrible big expensive chips, but through a website link. the idea being that you can look at the artwork whilst listening to the sound that goes with it at the same time! pretty cool huh?

i've decided that the theme for this one will be 'my favourite place.' as you can see...
if you would like to send a submission, think of your favourite place. maybe it's the seaside, or at a gig, or at your folk's house watching corrie. create an A6 size piece using whatever materials you choose & then think of the sound that's incorporated with that place & RECORD IT! use your phone, your computer, a mic - anything that can record .wav files.

then all you have to do is:

post me your A6 size art piece to...
lodge 8
mains of garten farm
boat of garten
ph24 3by
(because i love getting post & people should most definitely send more things in the post).

then e-mail the .wav file of your sound to...

& bob's your auntie!


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