Friday, 3 September 2010

oh i know.

i heart...

favourite friday.

well the submissions for the i heart...zines! project are coming along nicely. so far i've had pieces sent to me from the lovely helen of jolly good, the awesome gillian gibson & the devilishly handsome luke joyce , as well as interest from people all over the uk & even australia!

i absolutely love how each submission is completely unique & has come from talented people of all different backgrounds, from here, there & everywhere. i have always believed that everyone & anyone has the ability to create art. hopefully this project is helping make this concept ring true.

another creative lady that is working on a piece for the zine is the very talented yvonne of sketchstitch, who created this week's favourite friday...

we are unique, i hope you know.



  1. Thanks so much for putting my artwork up- posted my submission for the zine to you yesterday x

  2. What a gorgeous drawing. I can't wait to see all the submissions!