Sunday, 5 September 2010

top secret excitement.

i heart...

exciting secrets.

although, i actually kind of hate keeping exciting secrets. so much so that when i get someone a present, for example, i seem to get more excited about it than they do & end up telling them what it is before i even give it to them.

however, for now, my lips are well and truly sealed, even if i am bursting to tell you all about the awesome things that are happening behind the i heart... scenes. you'll just have to sit tight & wait and see.

as well as biting my tongue, i've been very busy make-make-making for the n_ilk at the botanics fest on saturday, working on the i heart...zines! project & battling with html, my new arch enemy, to try and make my website look pretty for its launch on 18th september.

seeing as i'm being so good and keeping shtum about lots of things, i think i deserve to let you in on one wee something. have a sneak peek at one of the pages on my online shop...

let me know what you think :)


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