Friday, 17 September 2010

good busy.

i heart...

being a busy bee.

and i have certainly been one of those over the last week. first of all i travelled to dundee last saturday for the n_ilk day festival where i set up stall with dundee jamboree. we all crammed into a cosy log cabin & had a steady stream of lovely customers come to see us throughout the day. here's a wee photie of what my stall looked like...

i had a great day & would strongly recommend anyone that wants to sell handmade bits to get out there & get yourself a wee stall somewhere. Even if you don't sell much you learn so much about what's out there, what prospective customers like & it just gets your name out there. and of course you get to have lots of fun & meet loads & loads of nice people in the process. i finally got to meet helen of Jolly Good, yvonne of Sketchstitch, tracy of Plastic Bat & kirsty of wooden tree who i've been talking to online for a wee while now, it was really good to put a face to the name to these awesome fellow crafters. so awesome that they have all been one of my favourite fridays, including this week which is...

these adorable dictionary necklaces made by Jolly Good.
i especially like the 'scunner' one, as it is the best word in the universe.

in other busy-ness i have been frantically fighting with html, but am finally getting there with my brand spanking new website. you can have a sneak peak HERE before the online shop opens tomorrow! i've also been putting together the 'i heart...zines!' collaborative zine & it should be ready by the end of next week. i've also been busy with some secret things too, which hopefully i'll be able to spill the beans about soon. it's all very exciting :)


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