Saturday, 5 February 2011

we have colour!

i heart...

getting things done.

the last couple of days i've not been feeling great - sore heads, dizziness & general bleugh-ness, which is usually my body telling me i need to take a break before it stops working altogether. so today i took my first 'day off' of the year.

did i spend it curled up in my duvet? in front of the box watching trashy tv? catching up on gossip with friends? nope. instead i got things done.

FINALLY one of the walls in the living room is finished!!

after much stripping...

& much painting...

(finished wall colour)

getting my diy on & putting together the table my granda made which i LOVE, we now have a one-side-liveable living room!


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  1. Good stuff! There must be something in the air, I spent the day painting my parents living room wall! :) x