Friday, 18 February 2011

dairy-free baking.

i heart...

favourite friday.

recently i've figured out that it's most likely that i am lactose intolerant. which means no more dairy products for me. i've actually tried being vegan before, i've been vegetarian for about 5 years now (bar a couple of drunken macdonalds incidents) so thought i might as well go the whole hog. but my love of cheese & milk chocolate was too strong. i do only use soya milk & soya butter though, which was an easy swap, it's just a shame vegan cheese & chocolate tastes so yucky. so in attempt to solve this, i made some vegan brownies, which were scrumptious!

and today's favourite friday is also baking based...

not only am i a sucker for home-baking, but typography too & Madi's illustration is choca-bloc with both.


p.s. if you would like to be featured as our favourite friday, add photos of your work here.


  1. Oh and I sent you a proper brownie too, sorry! They look delicious, well done x

  2. i was glad of an excuse to get some dairy in my tummy & boy, was it worth it!