Friday, 4 February 2011


i heart...

favourite friday.

well it's nearly that time of year again, that day that i usually stay in & watch trashy rom-coms, stuff my face with pizza & ice-cream & dream that one day i'll have my happily ever after - yup, valentine's day is just over a week away.

however, this year i won't be all alone with a puffy face from greeting my eyes out at a soppy storyline or have a sore tummy from eating so much junk food - i'll be spending it with my boy like a loved up pup (it will be our one year anniversary too!). but seeing as i won him over by taking him for a night-time hot chocolate & brownie picnic in the park, i do hope that some yummy treats are still involved.

this week's favourite friday is perfect for such thoughts...

this scrumptious piece was created by Mel Chadwick, who is also one of our featured artists in our recently launched 'my favourite place' zine, which you can get here.

happy valentine's day when it comes to all you love birds out there, and to the singletons out there, say hello to hugh grant, matthew mcconaughey & freddie prince jnr for me (i'm secretly jealous i won't be spending my night with them on my screen & a slice of pizza in my hand).


p.s. if you would like to be featured as our favourite friday, just add your photos here.

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