Tuesday, 15 February 2011

project help.

i heart...

community projects.

and so far we've concentrated mostly on collaborative zine projects (have a look here & here) which have been so much fun to organise & have introduced me to some very talented people.
however, this project is going to be a bit different. it's far from a new concept, but i think it's a lovely one.

introducing, post a patch...

now, i've been thinking about this project from waaaayyy before xmas & have been contacting charities to offer them the donation of these proposed blankets - something i didn't really see being a problem. i mean surely children's charities that help orphanages, charities that help people in 3rd world countries, homeless charities that help people on the streets, would jump at the chance of the donation of blankets, right? wrong.

i contacted Oxfam, who replied saying it would be too expensive to get the blankets overseas (which i can understand), Barnados who replied saying they already have a local ladies group that provide them with handmade goods, Action For Children who never replied, Shelter who passed me onto Crisis, Crisis who said they already have bedding... it goes on.

i never, ever imagined it would be so hard to give something away to charity. some have suggested to sell the blankets & donate the money to them, but that's not what this project is about. it is about one community giving something to another. a blanket doesn't just keep you warm, it makes you feel safe & knowing that it was made by people from all over wanting to help, i would hope would make the receiver feel wanted, loved & less alone.

so before we even get our knitting needles out, i need your help. do you know of any charities that would welcome our blankets with open arms? do you live near a nursing home/homeless shelter/orphanage that would benefit from these blankets? any suggestions would be very much appreciated. and if all else fails you will see me handing out blankets to homeless people on the street myself!



  1. Hello, I don't know of anyone that will take them but there is a group who are doing a similar thing http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127200437345163 Although I think they're planning to make tree jumpers.
    Have you tried cat & dog homes?
    I will crochet some squares for you when you find them a home!

  2. This is maybe not the route you want to go down but... animal charities? Meaning like animal centres, rescue centres, even vets? I'm picturing ill or baby animals wrapped up in cosy blankets - does that happen?! I don't know, just thought I'd put it out there ;)

    I can't believe it's so hard to give such a thing to a charity! I'd have thought they'd welcome things like this, especially if it gave them a bit publicity as well!

  3. as much as i love animals (i'm currently trying to convince the other half to get me a guinea pig, which i will name him winston) & the thought of wee animals all cosied up in a blanket is adorably cute, but i'd like to see the blankets go to people to emphasise the whole community feeling, like the big hippy i am, haha.

  4. Have you tried the Simon Community in Glasgow? http://www.glasgowsimon.com/
    What about the Lodging House Mission?
    I work in the voluntary sector and HATE it when people want to help, and it ends up being complicated! It's *so* wrong. Good luck!

  5. thanks for the suggestions sarah, will get in touch with them & hopefully they'll find use in our blankets :) x

  6. We are desperate for blankets ~ we provide Memory Boxes to bereaved parents who have lost babies before, during or after birth in the Highlands. The blankets are a special personal touch to wrap the babies in whilst the parents say goodbye, then they take the blankets home with them. Some blankets are for full term babies, but some are as small as A4.

    Any help would be gratefully received!


    Kind regards