Thursday, 7 July 2011

Stationery Love

i heart...


I love it. I get scarily excited about buying new stationery. It was the favourite part of the year when I was younger, the once a year trip to Inverness to get the back to school necessities. Oh, the butterflies I would get picking out my pencil case & pencils & pens & highlighters & tipex...
This love continued onwards as I grew upwards, moving onto unique cards, diary and letter writing-like stationery goods and of course a good pen every now & then.

Well, my love & excitement for stationery is still as strong as ever and I am super happy about a whole bunch of new eco-friendly products we've just added to the stationery section of our online eco-shop. Eee! Here's some of my very favourites...

Bicycle Stationery Set

Instant Comfort Pocket Box DIY Kit

Poor Thing Card

Hooray! You Tied The Knot Card

Bird & Cage Stamp Kit

There's a whole heap more too, head on over to our online eco-shop for a look-see.


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