Monday, 20 June 2011

i heart...

Music For My Ears.

Thank you to everyone that sent over their music this month, as always it's great to hear such varied & passionate musicians.

This month we have chosen the lovely (Shortfin) Mako Shark to be featured on our website.

'We are (Shortfin) Mako Shark. The project started towards the end of 2008 when Lucia and I (Clara) decided to start playing songs together. Later we got tons of help from a friend called Larra who is awesome at playing guitar (and many other instruments) and who recorded our first and second EP, so we asked him to join the band as well, since he was really involved. We get together from time to time (we've lived in different cities a couple of times, so we don't have any kind of schedule, we just play whenever we feel like it) because playing music feels good.'

Go have a listen -

And if you'd like your music to be featured next month, send your tunes to our Soundcloud...

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