Tuesday, 5 April 2011

and the award goes to...

i heart...

getting awards.

not that i've ever had one before, apart from a silver medal for figure skating when i was 9. so i was over the moon when i saw that i had been picked by the lovely Mellybee as one of her top 5 bloggers!

so to return the favour here's my top 5 bloggers.

the 'all things fashion' blog award goes to... Betty Swollocks! now when it comes to fashion i don't know my... from my....yeah so i was gonna name two fashion designers there, but i am absolutely clueless. however Betty keeps me in the know on what's hot in fashion & i AM learning!

the 'glasgow goings on' blog award goes to... the precious east! the east of glasgow doesn't have the best rep, but Jolene & her blog will certainly change your opinion. to find out all the exciting & inspirational things happening in the precious east go have a read.

the 'makes me giggle' blog award goes to... Not The Kind Of Girl You'd Marry! Carrie of Made In The Shade fame writes posts about her lovely life & what she gets up to in a way that leaves you both giggling out loud & feeling a sense of familiarness, like when...Carrie (coninsidence!) from Sex In The City reads one of her monologues. honest, down to earth, happy reading.

the 'scottish music' blog award goes to... The Daily Dose! filled to the brim with interviews from bands around scotland & touring in scotland you can get your daily dose of music from posts aptly named Metal Monday, Tour Tuesday, Webnesday, New Talent Thursday & Photo Friday.

the 'lifetime' blog award goes to... Postsecret! way before i even really knew what a blog was never mind started writing my own, i came across Postsecret & now check it every sunday without fail. i love it.

so there we have it! what's your top 5?


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