Thursday, 17 March 2011

pom-pom project.

i heart...


so when i came across the Pom-pom Project organised by Natalie Jones, I was very excited about getting involved. i was sent a lovely little package with instructions, a pom-pom template & some yarn which i made into a lovely multi-coloured pom-pom. if you don't see yourself as much of a crafter then making pom-poms is a great place to start - it's lots of fun & takes only a couple of minutes to make!

today i went for a wee walk with my mum & her dog to find a perfect place to put my pom-pom...

for more information on the Pom-pom project click here.

& remember we've go a couple of our own projects on the go just now too!

more info here.

more info here.

go on, get involved!


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