Monday, 14 March 2011

music to my ears.

i heart...


and i've been dying to organise a music-based project for yonky donks. for a few months last year i was very lucky to be part of Glasgow PodcART & through this got to hear loads of talent-ridden new music from bands & musicians around scotland. after moving up north i've unintentionally fallen out of the loop when it comes to music & want to rectify that. Glasgow PodcART does an amazing job at being a platform for new music via it's podcasts, reviews, interviews & gigs, something i'm still a strong believer in. so, here's our first music project...

every month we'll pick a song to be played on our website (you can have a peek now & listen to a lovely song by esperi) along with a link to your band site/bandcamp/myspace, allowing your music to be heard & enjoyed by lots of people & hopefully give you a helping hand to get your music to get out there.

all you have to do is send your tracks to our SoundCloud dropbox...
Send me your sounds

...and we'll pick a track once a month to will be featured on our website. as with all of i heart...'s projects, it is open to ALL. whether you're an established artist or just sing in the shower, we would love to hear your music.


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