Wednesday, 30 March 2011

meet & make round-up.

i heart...

meet & make.

back in january i started up a monthly craft meet up where people could meet in a social environment, learn some new craft skills & have a few drinks & a natter. it's been a great success so far & has seen our meet & make-rs learn how to embroider, knit & cross-stitch & helped them to create awesome projects from embroidered tote bags, to knitted cushions to cross-stitch postcards.

i look forward to seeing these cheery crafters every month!

our next session is on the 1st of may (usually the last sunday of every month, however this month it lands on easter weekend, so has been changed to the 1st) please do come along &join in. it doesn't matter if you've never tried any crafts before in your life of if you're a super pro, i'll be there to help you as much or as little as you like.

each session is £10 & includes all the materials you'll need to create & finish a craft-tastic project.

see you on the 1st!


p.s. if you like the sound of meet & make but don't live in glasgow, give me a shout & i'll see if i can start one in your area too!


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