Tuesday, 8 March 2011

bread day.

i heart...


it's pancake day today, so naturally i made some... bread.

i've started my own personal mission of making food from scratch as much as i can. so i know exactly what goes into my food - no added chemicals, perservatives, general guff. but also to appreciate food more, these days it's all about getting food that's cheap & fast, not healthy & homemade. i want to change that in my life.

the other day i started my baking spree with some very tempting tablet. unfortunately my tablet didn't turn out too tasty. (can you tell i enjoy alliteration?) it didn't set & i was left with an impossibly sticky mess in my dish. i was rather gutted, tablet is one of my favourites.

but today, i was crowned the baking king of the household! i baked my own bread from scratch & it was soooo much easier than i thought it was going to be - just add flour, yeast, butter & water (i also added grated carrot, onions & some cheese in mine, yummy) mix into a dough, knead for about 10 mins - great arm work out! leave for 2 hours, pop it in the oven for 30mins & bam! you have some yourself a scrupmtious loaf.

there really is nothing better than fresh, warm bread with butter - mmmm! if you don't already, you should definitely try & make your own bread. do it!


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