Tuesday, 30 November 2010

i heart...my favourite place announcement.

i heart...

all the submissions i have received over the last wee while for our next collaborative zine project - 'i heart...my favourite place.'

and i am very happy to announce that the 10 very talented creative people that will have their artwork & sounds featured in the zine are...

Barbara Ana Gomez

Matthew Ellero

Emma Cowley

Helen Macdonald

Natalie Hughes

Melanie Chadwick

Murray Sommerville

Gillian Gibson

Daria Hlazatova

Sarah McGarva

the zine will be available to purchase from my online shop in january, after the mayhem of the festivities are over. but i'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on how it's all coming along.

can't wait till then to feed your collaborative zine desires? a few zines from our last project are still available here.



  1. are all these folk scottish based?.... just wondering for something i am researching

  2. hiya,
    submissions came from people all over, these lovely lot are from scotland, england, ukraine & spain.

  3. and wales (just for the moment)! Looking forward to seeing the Zine- very exciting. x