Tuesday, 16 November 2010

randolph's leap.

i heart...

Randolph's Leap.

so much so i'd go as far as saying they are in my top 10 favourite bands, ever. plus, me & the boy had our first date at one of their gigs & have decided that they would definitely be our wedding band at our imaginary wedding (awww).

so i was pretty chuffed when i was asked to make some limited edition knitted cd covers for them...

these are now available to buy along with a whole range of goodies & their new release 'Battleships & Kettle Chips'. last time i checked there were only 7 left, so if you want to get your hands on one hurry up & buy one here.

if you've had a wee listen to them & like what you hear (if you don't i may have to disown you) then be sure to come see them play this thursday at The Captain's Rest for FREE!

make sure & check out the Olive Grove Records new website too. i have more exciting news about them coming soon, so keep your peepers peeled!


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