Sunday, 11 July 2010

knitting through the generations.

i heart...


it has been many a moon since i picked up a pair of knitting needles & a ball of wool. my last memory of it being my granny patiently trying to show me how to knit a scarf, which ended up just a few inches long, full of random holes & varied row lengths.

but today i used my great granny's size 7s, my granny's previous attempts of 'in, over, through & out.' which seems to be ingrained in my memory, as well as the emergency 'muuummm, i've purled a row instead of knitted one!' help from my mum...

and 4 generations of knitting know-how managed to produce this...

its half a tea cosy (which will have a bit of a twist to it).
i realise its not very exciting, but i am very chuffed with myself to have made this with my very own - what now feel to be arthritic - hands.


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  1. Good job hen! Absolute belter! Looks very professionally done! Looks like your a natural. I'll have my jumper in a size small please...

    Fover yours,

    Betty x