Friday, 16 July 2010

favourite friday.

i heart...

favourite friday.

i don't know about you, but i am well & truly fed up of the crappy weather we've had this summer.

what happened to the summers we used to get when i was wee? summers that i would spend entirely in water, whether it was paddling in the burn beside the woods behind my house, swimming in the freezing waters of loch morlich, or chasing waves at the beach near my granny & granda's house. summers that i would actually have to wear suncream & still manage to go back to school after the holidays and win the sun tan arm test amongst my classmates. summers that i seemed to live off twisters & mr freeze 10p ice poles.

these days summers consist of me still being surrounded by water, but nowadays it all falls from the sky, my arms & the rest of me are peely wally & i have to drink fruit tea to warm up.

so to pay tribute to our rainy summer, this friday i heart...

this 'right as rain' brooch from Kitschen Sink, the perfect accessory to this soaking scottish summer.


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