Friday, 31 December 2010

thank you & happy new year.

i heart...

new year.

so first of all a big...

from i heart...!
i hope you will be celebrating in style & aren't too fragile tomorrow!

september 2010 saw the birth of i heart... & i would like to say a few wee thank yous, if it wasn't for these  awesome people i heart... would still be a daydream in my head.

first of all, i would like to give a hugemongous thank you to all the people who have bought our handmade bits, come said hello at our stalls, attended our workshops & contributed to our projects. thank you, thank you, thank you.

secondly i would like to say thank you very much to Made In The Shade, The Life Craft, Dundee Jamboree, The Spider & The Fly, Tempt & Jolly Good Studio for hosting our workshops, organising crafty markets we've had stalls at & selling some of our wares. wishing all of you all the best for 2011!

a special thank you & well done goes to Olive Grove Records and their releases, Randolph's Leap & Esperi. can't wait to see/hear what you guys have in store for 2011.

and last but not least a wee thank you to my mum for teaching me all things crafty in the first place & to chris for putting up with me & all the random balls of wool, pieces of felt & thread that have taken over our house these last few months.

 2011 will see our new website, our new eco & fair-trade products which will both launch on 7th january, more workshops, projects & events. so bring it on!


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  1. It's certainly been our pleasure at Tempt! Looking forward to 2011 and only wish we were closer.