Tuesday, 7 December 2010


i heart...

moving forward.

2010 has had it's ups & downs, certainly a lot more ups than last year did which is definitely a good thing. so to move even further onwards & upwards i heart... is making some new years resolutions.

first up, you may have noticed the new look blog. yup, we're having a wee bit of a make over which is hopefully a little more 'i heart...' & what we're all about. here's our brand spanking new logo...

what do you think?

hopefully our new look will represent our second change - we are turning into eco-heroes! come 2011 all our handmade bits will be made from felt made from 100% recycled materials, fair-trade wool which helps communities in peru, recycled/upcycled fabric & 100% recycled card. on top of all that, all of our packaging materials will be made from recycled paper & biodegradable plastic pouches. captain planet would be proud!

so to match all this up & make it look all nice, this month i will be fighting with my old friend html to make a swish new website which will look to make it a lot easier to navigate & look pretty :)

bring on 2011!


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