Saturday, 15 January 2011

projects, projects, projects.

i heart...

community projects.

& i've got quite a few buzzing around in my head just now. first of all there's our 'my favourite place' collaborative zine. at the end of last year we called for people around the globe to submit an artwork & sound that depicted what/where/who their favourite place was. we received an amazing range of submissions & after trying & failing to get funding to get the zines printed & a very busy festive season, i've finally managed to save up some pennies to get the zine finished & they will be ready for you to get your hands on soon. hurray! part of today was spent figuring out what to put on the front cover of the zine. i like making the front covers to our zines a bit different - our last zine, 'i heart...zines!' has a concoction of paint, photos, illustration & sewing on it's front - & came up with this embroidered piece...

unfortunately it's too big, but if you like it you can get it here. (if you would like me to do any custom embroidery pieces just drop me an e-mail at
so, i'm back to square one, but i'll think of something!

now to a project that i've taken part in myself, the 100 million stitches project which is part of the celebration of the centenary of international women's day. they are calling out for knitted patches which will be sewn together to make a huge art piece to raise awareness of the estimated 100 million women that are missing in the world today due to gender discrimination.
this is my patch...

if you would like to get involved too, you can find more info here.

this project has inspired me for our next community collaboration. so watch this space & get your knitting needles at the ready.



  1. oh well done iona.... i have some patches upstairs going to look them out and get them posted. and you know they need a hand stitching up too, and it's on sundays.....
    how's the decorating going?
    I'm including you in my pitch to bbc online for the crafting films - focusing on the meet and make in the pub - putting in 8 ideas and they are chosing 5 so will keep you posted - hope you don't mind! xx (good advertising)

  2. yeah? is it during the day? i could pop along on the 30th before meet & make, fancy coming too?

    decorating is going very slowly! so busy with everything else that's it's kind of taken a back seat, but don't know how much longer i can handle living in such a guddle, so i better put the knitting needles down & pick the paint brush up.

    oh wow, thanks very much, of course i don't mind! let me know how it goes. x