Monday, 10 January 2011

moving home, again.

i heart...

a fresh start.

a new year, a new home. yes, that's right, in amongst designing & re-launching our new website, making new eco-friendly products, planning workshops & thinking up new projects (more on the project front soon, i'm excited!) i've moved house, again. that's 29 moves in 24 years now i think. as much as i loved our wee wooden house in the middle of nowhere, it just wasn't practical & by jove was heating the place expensive! so me & the boy have now moved into our new abode in aviemore.
we've started stripping walls, & have plans to make it all pretty & i can't wait. but at the moment it's a bit of a bombsite...

this is currently my office/craft room. lovely & organised as you can see!
i can't wait to get those walls stripped & painted & get everything else into place. i've actually found stripping walls quiet therapeutic & even stumbled across this wee gem...

i'll be sure to update you lot with photos once we get the place looking nice, but for now if you need to get in touch or would like to send us a postcard/letter/valentines card, our new address is:

21 burnside avenue
ph22 1se.


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  1. Amazing ! I am glad to know that you are moving again.Have you bought you new home ?? I also love wooden home very much . I am very curious to see photos of you new home.
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